Stockmann's department stores in Finland

Stockmann was founded in 1886. Today, there are seven department stores in Finland.

Helsinki downtown department store

The downtown department store was completed in 1926 and has been expanded several times. The latest expansion project was completed in 2010.

Helsinki Itäkeskus department store

The department store was opened in conjunction with the shopping centre in 1992 and has already been expanded twice.

Tapiola department store

The Tapiola department store was opened in 1981, and last year the store celebrated its 25th anniversary. The store was expanded in 1987, 1990 and in 1998.

Jumbo department store

The Jumbo department store, which is the newest department store in Finland and is located in the Jumbo shopping centre, was opened in 2005.

Turku department store

The Turku department store was opened in 1982 and was expanded in 1986 and from 2000–2001 by building an additional storey.

Tampere department store

The second oldest Stockmann department store is located in Tampere. It was opened in 1957 and has already gone through a major regeneration when it moved into completely new premises at the other end of Hämeenkatu. In addition, the store has been upgraded and expanded in 1999–2000.

Oulu department store

The most northerly Stockmann department store was opened in Oulu in 2001.


Other Stockmann stores

Stockmann department store also operate the Academic Bookstore which has bookstores in the department stores or in their immediate surroundings. The is also an online bookstore at

Stockmann Outlet sells at bottom prices quality products which have been transferred here to make room for the season's novelties in the department stores.

Stockmann Beauty is a chain of 12 cosmetics shops.

The Lindex and Seppälä fashion chains and the mail-order company Hobby Hall are also part of the Stockmann Group.

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